Scoop 31

Volume 13, Issue 31                                                    Virginia I. Terrell, Principal                                                      May 10, 2018

From God’s Word – Soon, a project to improve the Tri-State Tollway will begin, an undertaking scheduled to last eight years. Commuters can look forward to at least 2,920 days of gridlock, detours, jackhammers, delays, and frustration. How much is this situation like our life? We plan to zoom to and fro, unfettered to do exactly as we wish, only to veer into narrowing lanes, speed bumps, and the inconvenience of a construction zone. Regardless of life’s trials and circumstances, we are assured through Christ’s death, resurrection, and ascension of His eternal love, purposes, and good plans on our behalf. We are in His construction zone. All is well. “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

Spring Fling – All are to join us for the Spring Fling Friday, May 11, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Each family is asked to bring a snack to share. Be ready for some fun. See you there!

Theater Night Get ready to see us in action at the PTL Focus on Kids, Wednesday, May 16.  Each class is preparing a short play to present to parents. There will be drama galore, as we enjoy the talents of our children. The excitement begins at 6:30 p.m., and teachers may be in touch with specific directions. Popcorn will be available for $1.50, and soft drinks will cost $1.00.  We are looking forward to showcasing your wonderful children as their personalities and talents will be in full array!

Bicycle Drawing – If you want a new bicycle, here’s your opportunity! We will have a drawing for the girls’ bike and the boys’ bike, currently on display near the school office. Tickets are $1 each, or $5 for six tickets. We will have a drawing at the end of the year BBQ to determine the winners. Tickets are available in the school office. Winner must be present at at the time of the drawing June 6.

Garage Sale – We will be having a Garage Sale Saturday, May 19, from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. In case of rain, we will default to May 19. Save your gently-used items to donate. Or, if you would like to sell your own items you may rent a table for $10. You may begin donating any items you wish to add to the sale. Questions? Contact Kristen through the school office. (Please note the date was moved from May 12 to May 19.)

Special Visitor – These past two years, our Chapel offerings have been sent to Pastor McDermott, a­ missionary to a deaf colony in Africa. He will be at Gloria Dei May 23 for Chapel and to informally talk with students afterward. Please consider joining that day to welcome and support Pastor McDermott.

Mark Your Calendar – As the school year draws to a close, you will want to make special note of a couple of dates. Last day of tutoring is May 25. Last day of After Care  is June 6.

Looking Ahead:

May 11 – Grades 5-8 Field Trip to Brookfield Zoo; Spring Fling

May 16 – Focus on Kids: Theater Night – 6:30 p.m.

May 18 – Junior Kindergarten – 4th Grade – Field Trip to Museum of Science and Industry;

May 19 – Garage Sale, 9:00 to 1:00

May 23 – Pastor McDermott Visits Gloria Dei

May 24 – PTL Hot Lunch

May 25 – Fitness Friday

May 28 – Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL



















Scoop 28

Volume 13, Issue 28                                                 Virginia I. Terrell, Principal                                                        April 19, 2018

From God’s Word – When Jesus entered the area on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee, He was met by a man possessed with demons. He wore no clothes and lived among the tombs. Even the chains that bound him and the guards keeping watch on him could not control him. He would break the bonds and roam about. Upon seeing Jesus, he threw himself onto the ground and asked Jesus not to torment him. Jesus asked, “What is your name?” The man replied, “Legion,” because many demons had entered him. Jesus exorcised the demons, and healed the man of the devil’s torment. Later on, he was seen at the feet of Jesus, in his right mind, fully clothed. How much are we sinners like this man? Sin overtakes us and bids us live in the cemetery of unrighteousness and death. But, here comes Jesus, with His life, death, and resurrection, bringing a stunning blow to Satan, releasing the curse of evil and damnation. When Christ died and was buried, our sins went with Him into the tomb. When He arose, He left our sins buried there. No longer are we Satan’s nude prey, jetting around tombs, tortured by sin’s consequences. No. In our Baptism, we are clothed in Christ’s robes of rightness, that we may also sit at His feet, fully clothed, living in the joy of a new life in Christ, free from the guilt of sin. Satan is vanquished. The sins that so easily beset us no longer have dominion. We even have a new dress! Run to Jesus, fully clothed in Him. “We were buried therefore with Him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.” Romans 6:4

Awards – We are pleased to recognize these Third Quarter Achievements:

  • A/B Honor Roll – Mackenzie, Leila, Layla, Sandro, Zachary, CeCe, Richard, and Christopher
  • A Honor Roll – Caitlin, Noah, Lorelei, and Marlene
  • Perfect Attendance – Xander, Jake, Caitlin, Lorelei, and Aaron
  • e-Spark High 5 Achievement – Viona, Savannah, Janyah, Arabella, Caitlin, Pavlinka, Logan, Lorelei, Daniel, and Marlene

Conraulatios everyone! Keep up the good work.

Selective Enrollment – Our eighth graders have been busy applying for acceptance into various high schools. We are pleased to announce three were accepted into Selective Enrollment High Schools. CeCe and Christopher were accepted to Jones College Preparatory High School, and Marlene was accepted to Hancock College Preparatory High School. As other news is available, and when we know where all our graduates will be next year, we’ll let you know. We pray God’s blessings for our young friends, as they take their leave of us. We shall miss them.

Yay! Gloria Dei! –  Last Friday, our school was visited by the Illinois State Board of Education to evaluate us in areas of Administrative Requirements, Educational Program, Personnel, and Health and Safety. The purpose of the visit was determine the continuation of our “Recognized” ISBE status. After a thorough examination, the visiting team determined we have no deficits, which is very good news. In addition, we received these commendations:

  • Thorough preparation for the visit
  • Quality, positive learning environment
  • Though not required, bullying policy in placement
  • Though not required, instruction in constitution, daily pledge, and patriotism in place
  • Awesome secretary
  • Regular formative evaluation process
  • Well-organized, consistent curriculum maps in place

Mark Your Calndar – Occasionally, we change the day of the week for Chapel. Please note these alterations in the usual plan:

  • Chapel for May 2 had been shifted to Thursday, May 3, to commemorate National Day of Prayer.Students are asked to wear their prayer shirts which were ordered a few weeks ago
  • Ascension Day is Thursday, May 10, which is also the Chapel day that week. There will be NO CHAPELthe previous day, May 9.

National Day of Prayer – National Day of Prayer t-shirts are being sent home today.  Please do not have your child wear it until Thursday, May 3.

“Godspell” – Grades 3 through 8 will be going to Walter Christian Academy on Friday, April 27 to see a production of their Spring Musical.  Please return your permission slip with payment tomorrow.  We are still looking for drivers.

Registration – We thank the families who turned in their registration for next school year. If possible, please complete the materials and return them to school as soon as possible.

Garage Sale- Saturday, May 12, beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 1:00 p.m., has been set aside for our Garage Sale. (Rain Date: May 19) Save your gently used items to donate. Or, if you would like to sell your own items, you may rent a table for $10. You may start bringing in items you would like to donate for the Garage Sale

Walk-A-Thon – Pledge sheets are due back to the school office by Wednesday, May 2.

Classroom Corner – Third and fourth grade students truly enjoyed our study of “The Human Story,” in which we traced the development of the fetus, learning many fascinating details about life, and even holding life-like models of the fetus in various stages of growth. We thank Lutherans for Life for supplying these fetus models to our school. – Mrs. Kamman

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder where you are.  Up above the room so bright, how can I see you when it is not night.  Ask your child how they saw stars during the daytime at Gloria Dei.  Classroom learning is fun for junior kindergarten and kindergarten. – Mrs. Struve

Looking Ahead

April 26-Wendy’s Benefit Night 3:30

April 27 – Fitness Friday – Students may wear jeans or exercise clothing

May 3 – National Day of Prayer – Parents at Lunch 11:45 am

May 4 – PTL Walk-A-Thon

May 7-18 Map Testing

May 8-PTL Pizza Lunch $4

May 11-Icee Friday $1

May 16-PTL Meeting/Theater Night

May 16-Icee Friday $1/Spring Fling 6-8 pm


Scoop 27

Volume 13, Issue 27                                   Virginia I. Terrell, Principal                                       April 10, 2018

From God’s Word – How about a little heartburn? While walking to Emmaus on the same day the women found Jesus’ empty tomb, that’s what happened to the disciples. On their journey, they were joined by someone they didn’t know, a manwho taught Scriptures to them, beginning with Moses. After reaching their destination, they recognized the man as Jesus, saying to each other, “Did not our hearts burn within us on the road, while He opened the Scriptures?”  On life’s Emmaus walk, full of sin’s burs and thistles, Jesus enjoins Himself to us in Word and Sacrament to teach, comfort, lead, and restore. Yes, it’s true.  These Means of Grace, Word and Sacrament, give us heartburn! Well, not the digestive type that burns the throat. No, this is the Holy Spirit variety, the type inflaming our hearts because of God’s merciful love displayed in Jesus, bringing forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation. (Read the entire account of the disciples’ walking to Emmaus with Jesus in Luke 24:1-35.)

Report Cards – Once again you may keep your copy of your child’s report card enclosed in today’s “coop.” To ensure us in making sure everything came home in good order, simply sign the report card envelope and return it to your child’s teacher.

Awards – After Chapel next Wednesday, we will announce Honor Roll, High Five achievement, and Perfect Attendance. All are invited.

Godspell – Grades 3 through 8 will be going to Walter Christian Academy on Friday, April 27 to see a production of their Spring Musical.  Enclosed is a Permission Slip.  Please return it to the school office by Friday, April 20.

Registration – We thank the families who turned in their registration for next school year. If possible, please complete the materials and return them to school as soon as possible.

Upcoming Garage Sale – Saturday, May 12, beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 1:00 p.m., has been set aside for our Garage Sale. (Rain Date: May 19) Save your gently used items to donate. Or, if you would like to sell your own items, you may rent a table for $10. Questions? Contact the school office.

Walk-A-Thon – Enclosed in today’s folder is registration for Walk-A-Thon participation on May 4.  Those participants will receive an Ice Cream surprise

Looking Ahead

April 13 – Professional Development Day No

April 20 – Just Jeans $1 – Root Beer Float Friday $1

April 23, 24 & 25- Fifth and Sixth Grade Walcamp Outing

April 24, 25 & 26- Seventh and Eighth Grade St Louis Trip

April 26-Wendy’s Benefit Night 3:30-6:30 pm

April 27 – Fitness Friday – Students may wear jeans or exercise clothing

May 3 – National Day of Prayer – Parents at Lunch 11:45 am

May 4 – PTL Walk-A-Thon




Scoop 24

Our Promise: Fostering a firm foundation in faith, future, and family
March Health Theme – It’s All About the Smile

Volume 13, Issue 24                                                           Virginia I. Terrell, Principal                                   March 8, 2018

From God’s Word – In the account of Jesus feeding 5,000 people with a couple of fish and five loaves of bread, He told the disciples to tell the people sit in an area where grass was growing. “Come on, folks! Get comfortable! Dine with Me!” How reminiscent of Psalm 23:2, “He makes me lie down in green pastures.” He supplies abounding comfort amongst the rocky sorrows of sin. Our all-atoning Savior relieves sin’s wickedness and its consequences with the lush security of His grace. Go ahead. Sit down with Jesus. He invites and welcomes sinners. “Have the people sit down.” John 6:10

Focus on Kids – Mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 14, for 6:30 p.m. Then, come to our PTL Meeting. We plan to celebrate all the blessings we have through our children, and showcase some of our activities. Focal points will include:

  • Yoga demonstration showing techniques of relaxation and stretching our young students have learned
  • A video capturing highlights of our Young Authors’ Curriculum Fair
  • Special presentation for our June graduates, D’Angelo, Christopher, Richard, Jeremiah, Serenity, Marlene, and CeCe.

See you there! Don’t forget. Refreshments will be served afterward. Plan to stay and linger a little longer.

Service Project – We are asking all of you to donate lids and caps that will be used to make a bench to honor our United States Veterans. The bench will be placed outside the very VFW our students visited last November. In today’s folder, you will find a list of what is acceptable for donation. Beginning now, students are asked to bring the caps and lids to school through Monday, April 30, the final donation day.

Children’s Chorus/Chime Choir – Our children will sing for Palm Sunday worship, Sunday, March 25, at 9:30. Our fifth and sixth graders will also accompany the singing. Children should arrive in their classrooms at 9:15 that morning, in their Chapel dress. We are looking forward to a beautiful anthem in praise of Jesus.

Chapel Schedule – Please note there will be NO CHAPEL Wednesday, March 28. Instead, Chapel that week will be the following day, March 29, Maundy Thursday. Students will wear Chapel dress Thursday, rather than Wednesday.

Breakfast With the Easter Bunny – Plan to stay after church Palm Sunday for a brunch featuring a special guest, the Easter Bunny. Hippity-hop! Fun is on the horizon! Proceeds of the brunch will help defray the cost of the upcoming Walcamp trip for fifth and sixth grade.

Prayer Shirts – Orders for prayer shirts, to be worn on National Day of Prayer, are due Thursday, March 15.

Easter Vacation – We will have noon dismissal Thursday, March 29, Maundy Thursday. This marks the beginning of Easter Vacation. Classes will resume Monday, April 9.

End of Third Quarter – Thursday, March 29, marks the end of the third quarter.

Looking Ahead –

March 9 – Early Dismissal
March 13 – PTL Pizza Lunch
March 14 – PTL Meeting – Focus on Kids
March 15 – Walther Freshman Registration
March 16 – Just Jeans Day
March 22 – PTL Soup and Sandwich; Wendy’s Fundraiser
March 23 – Fitness Friday
March 25 – Palm Sunday – Children’s/Chime Choir; Breakfast with the Easter Bunny
March 29 – Maundy Thursday; Early Dismissal; End of Third Quarter; Easter Vacation Begins






Scoop 23

Our Promise: Fostering a firm foundation in faith, future, and family
March Health Theme – It’s All About the Smile

Volume 13, Issue 23                                                                      Virginia I. Terrell, Principal                        March 1, 2018

From God’s Word – Introspection is the process of self-reflection, looking within to examine personal thoughts and feelings. Self-examination is a good idea for growth and learning. Careful, sinners! Don’t take things too for, looking only to yourself. Look beyond to Jesus. He is your Alien Righteousness. Only He who is outside brings true comfort and reconciliation. Many are the examples of people in the Gospels who looked within themselves, and discovered a problem. They continued their search to that Jesus they’d heard so much about. The afflicted and sorrowful, those crushed by their burden, sought healing from Jesus. They knew He could do what they could not do for themselves: alleviate sorrow and mend brokenness.  This same Savior is with us to heal sin, our worst affliction. Our transgressions are myriad, our wickedness abounding. Looking within is fearsome, without solutions­­­. Gaze outside yourself for restoration and health. Fixate on Jesus.  His atoning love brings forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation. “My eyes are ever toward the LORD, for He will pluck my feet out of the net.” Psalm 25:15­­­

Something You Should Know – This evening, our teachers will present highlights of our Young Authors Curriculum Fair to other CLEF Schools at the regular teachers’ session of Pathways to Excellence. Gloria Dei was selected for this special recognition because of the goals, uniqueness, and quality result of our Young Authors event. We rejoice in the hard work of our wonderful students, parents, and teachers. Keep up the good work, everyone. Excellence is beautiful!

Mid-Terms – Enclosed in today’s folder is a progress report reflecting student work thus far in the third quarter. Please examine the report and discuss it with your child. Using the space provided on the back, please sign and return to the teacher. Should you have any questions or concerns, we are here!

Focus on Kids Night – Mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 14, at 6:30 p.m. You won’t want to miss our focus on what our students. We will highlight:

  • Yoga, with a demonstration by students, led by Ari and Noah’s mom.
  • Writing, with a presentation by the teachers regarding Young Authors’ night.
  • Our eighth graduates, Christopher, D’Angelo, Jeremiah, Serenity, Marlene, Richard, and CeCe will be honored with a special presentation.

Refreshments will follow. See you there!

Whew! – The totals are in, and you donated over $300 [mostly in coins!] to Pennies for Patients. Fifth and sixth grade collected the most, with a total of $87.40.

National Day of Prayer – As is our custom, we celebrate National Day of Prayer, this year on Thursday, May 3. On that day, we ask everyone to wear a special prayer t-shirt, which we order each year. The cost is $8.00, and you must order by March 15. The order form is enclosed, Make checks payable to Gloria Dei Lutheran School. Questions? Call the school office, 773-581-5259.

Spring Pictures – Tuesday, March 6, a photographer will be on-hand to take pictures of students who pre-purchased a package. (See enclosure.) As in the past, the photographer will take pictures of siblings together.

World’s Finest Candy Sale – We would like to thank everyone who participated in our recent PTL Fundraiser.  Congratulations to our top 3 sellers. First Place Chloe R. Second Place Makayla and Third Place D’Angelo.


Looking Ahead –

March 6- Spring Pictures

March 13- PTL Pizza Lunch

March 14-Focus on Kids Night 6:30 pm
March  16 – Just Jeans $1
March 22 – PTL Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich

March 23-Fitness Friday

March 25- School Chorus singing at the 9:30 am Palm Sunday Service, Breakfast with the Easter                 Bunny

March 29-End of Quarter, Maundy Thursday Chapel 9 am and NOON DISMISSAL

March 30-April 6- Easter Break

April 9-Classes Resume





Scoop 20

Our Promise: Fostering a firm foundation in faith, future, and family
February Health Theme: The Heart of Health—American Heart Month

Volume 13, Issue 20                                                         Virginia I. Terrell, Principal                        February 8, 2018

Ash Wednesday – The season of Lent begins Ash Wednesday, which, this year is February 14. The Ash Wednesday Service (9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.) will include the Imposition of Ashes. The ashes are imposed with the words, “Remember thou art dust, and to dust thou shalt return.” They serve to remind us of mortality and the fact that the wages of sin is death. However, the shape of the cross reminds us of Holy Baptism, where the shape of the cross was traced upon us, and that we have been baptized into the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and that He has taken upon Himself all our sin. The ashes are typically received on the forehead, but may also be received on the hand. Receiving the ashes is optional, something we may do, if we choose, in our Christian Freedom.

Thank You – Such helpful parents we have! Noah and Ari’s mother is beyond helpful with our yoga program. She leads the sessions and teaches wellness as part of her encouragement with children. She also helps clean the mats afterward.

This week’s snow presented challenges, but nothing is too big for our parents! Chloe and CeCe’s mom was eager to get the snow blower going, while Caitlin’s dad and Elora’s dad picked up a shovel and went after things.

We truly appreciate the willingness and consistency of our volunteers. Thank you!

Congratulations – Excellence is a beautiful thing! We are pleased to list of awards for the Second Quarter. “AB” Honor RollMackenzie, Layla, Sunny, Cecilia, and Richard. “A” Honor RollCaitlin, Noah, Lorelei, Emily, Marlene, and Christopher. Perfect AttendanceJake, Mackenzie, Matthew, Aaron, Dylan, and Marlene. E-Spark High-5 Stars Viona, Elora, Janyah, Mackenzie, Arabella, Caitlin, Kaycee, Logan, Chloe L., Lorelei, Dylan, Zachary, and Marlene. Keep up the good work, everyone.

Mark Your Calendar – School will not be in session Friday, February 16, because of a teachers’ conference. Classes will also not be held Monday, February 19, in celebration of Presidents’ Day.

Candy Sale – Are you passing that brochure around? Get all the candy orders you can! The sale ends February 13

Looking Ahead –

February 9 – Candy Gram Orders Due
February 13 – PTL Pizza; Candy Sale ends
February 14 – Ash Wednesday; Valentine Parties; Candy Gram  Distributed
February 16 – Urban Teachers’ Conference – NO SCHOOL
February 19 – Presidents’ Day – NO SCHOOL
February 22 – PTL Nachos; Wendy’s Fundraiser
February 23 – Fitness Friday – Wear Exercise Clothes; Close of Pennies for Patients






Scoop 18

Volume 13, Issue 18                                   Virginia I. Terrell, Principal                        January 25, 2018

From God’s Word – New words and expressions arrive on the scene to accompany life’s ever-changing landscape. We have such new terms as “binge watching,” “bitcoin,” “selfie,” “virtual reality,” “fauxpology,” to name but a few. As much as our world changes, including even vocabulary, our Savior never changes. He is always the same: full of grace and truth, and forever faithful to His promises. This Jesus was present at creation, spoken of by the prophets, entered this world to die and rise again for our justification, and now lives in heaven at the right hand of the Father. From of old, He has not changed one iota. In our Gloria Dei Lutheran School, we celebrate Christ’s faithful, dependable mercy and grace toward us, as we teach our children to thrive in Him. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

Great Teachers – It is our teachers and staff who are the heroes. They work very hard for your children, especially during Lutheran Schools Week when we have so many activities. Each teacher and staff member is gifted by God with strengths and abilities, not to mention a heart of service for God and your children. We join in grateful thanksgiving for such dedicated and gifted teachers. They are teaching your children to thrive. Thank you for allowing us to teach, nurture, love, and care for your children. Each is spectacular and a gift to Gloria Dei and our hearts.

Congratulations – Talents abound! Last year, several of our upper grade students submitted entries to the Kimberly M. Foxx Cook County State’s Attorney 2018 Anti-Drug Poster Calendar. We learned late last spring the design of our student, Cecilia Lopez, was selected as a winner. Of all the seventh grade entries in Cook County, her design was one of only four that were chosen. We have finally received a copy of the calendar, and her art work is displayed with the month of November. If you are interested in seeing what she has done, a calendar is available for viewing in the school office. Way to go CeCe!

CPR Certified – We congratulate our seventh and eighth grade students, who have been awarded their CPR card. Last fall, Nurse Pat from CLEF trained the entire class in CPR, AED, and First Aid. Students worked hard and had to pass a test to receive their certification. It is a wonderful blessing that, at such a young age, our students—should it ever be necessary—have the skills to save a life. Congratulations!

February Lunch Menu – The dates for the February lunches were accidently omitted on the order sheet.  Here are the dates:  PTL Pizza is February 9 and PTL Nachos is February 22.  Please mark your calendars.  All forms are due back by February 2.

Super Bowl Hero Sandwiches – It’s not too late to order your Super Bowl Sandwich.  Proceeds will go towards the 7 and 8 grade trip to St. Louis.  If you need an order form, stop in the school office.  All orders are due back by January 31.  You may pick up your sandwich after school on Friday, February 2.

Our Next Service Project – We will be collecting Pennies for Patients starting February 5.  More information will be sent home in next weeks SCOOP.


Looking Ahead –

February 1 – Parents at Lunch
February 2 – Popcorn Friday/Super Hero Sandwiches
February 5-23 – Pennies for Patients
February 9 – Popcorn Friday
February 14 – Ash Wednesday Service 9:00 am/Valentine Candy Grams/Valentine Class parties
February 16 – NO SCHOOL Urban Teachers Conference
February 19 – NO SCHOOL President’s Day
February 22– PTL Nacho Lunch/Wendy’s Benefit Night 3:30-6:30
February 23 – Fitness Friday/Popcorn Friday

Scoop 17

Volume 13, Issue 17                                    Virginia I. Terrell, Principal                        January 18, 2018

From God’s Word –God’s Word, guidance, protection, and mercy among us – Weekly Chapel – Daily instruction in God’s Word – Wonderful, smart, talented, and smiling children – Dedicated, talented and caring Lutheran teachers – Devoted and friendly support team – Partnership with Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation – Supportive and caring parents – Technology galore—Chrome books, iPads, Map Testing, e-Spark, SMART boards – Yoga – Prayers, Morning Meeting – Christ as our solid foundation. These are just some of the many blessings we celebrate during National Lutheran Schools Week. Thank you, parents, for the extreme blessing we have that you allow us to teach, care for, and love your children. We at Gloria Dei Lutheran School are grateful for this privilege. Jesus said, “Let the children come to Me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” Mark 10:14

Congratulations!We are pleased to announce a poem written by fourth grader, Noah Rodriguez, will soon be published in the Appelley Publishing 2017 Rising Stars Collection. He entered a poetry contest, submitting a winning poem, “Anger.” Soon, he will see his name in print as a published author. Way to go, Noah!

Singing Sunday – To kick of National Lutheran Schools Week, students will sing “Beautiful Savior” during 9:30 worship this Sunday. We are asking all students to report to their classrooms by 9:15. After the service, students will go back to their classrooms and wait for you. Students are to wear their regular Chapel clothing that day.

Grandparents Day – We look forward to greeting grandparents this coming Wednesday. They are invited to join us for 9:00 Chapel to worship with their grandchild. After Chapel, PTL will sponsor a coffee and goodies buffet on the lower level. Following the treats, parents may visit classrooms. We are grateful to PTL for providing lunch that day for everyone. Dismissal will be at 1:00.

Qualified Education Expense – Enclosed in today’s folder is your 2017 receipt for Qualified Education Expense. Please keep this information in a safe place, as it is important for your 2017 taxes.

Empower Illinois – Today’s folder contains more information about Empower Illinois, the new state scholarship program for children attending private/parochial schools. Be sure to take note of information from the Big Shoulders Fund that gives specific directions for how to apply.

PTL Fundraiser – Please see enclosed order forms for the candy sale that begins tomorrow, continuing through February 13. PTL receives 50% percent of all sales.

Be Mine! – Candy grams for Valentine’s Day are now on sale for $1. All sweet thoughts will be delivered February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Condolences – We ask your prayers for the family of Mr. Robert Miller, father of Mrs. Blecha, who went home to heaven this past Monday. A visitation and memorial service will be held at Gloria Dei Saturday afternoon, February 3. Visitation will be from 1:00 until the time of the service at 2:00. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Matthew 5:4

Looking Ahead –

January 21 – Begin National Lutheran Schools Week; Students sing for 9:30 worship
January 22 – Pajama Day
January 23 – Dress Like a Friend Day
January 24 – Grandparents Day; Lunch; Early Dismissal at 1:00 p.m.
January 25 – Slipper Day; Judging for Young Authors – 3:30 to 5:00; Student Appreciation Supper; Young Authors Writing Fair Open House – 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
January 26 – Student Appreciation Day; Sports Team Day; End of Second Quarter



Play an Instrument!

Did you consider joining band or strings at the beginning of the school year, but decided not to do so for one reason or another? It’s not too late to start, and this is a great time of year to do so! If you are interested in beginning a band or string instrument for the very first time, now is the time! No experience is necessary. If you played in past years and are looking to begin again, now is a great time to start once more. Please contact Ms. Bernier if you are interested or have any questions. To sign up, please contact her by January 29. She can be reached via e-mail: (mailto: and she will provide you with all information necessary to sign up. Students in grades one through eight may sign up for strings, and fourth through eighth graders are eligible to sign up for band.

Scoop 16

Volume 13, Issue 16                                   Virginia I. Terrell, Principal                        January 11, 2018

From God’s Word – Now that the anticipated December celebrations are history, it is easy to wonder where the joy is. Gloomy weather surrounds us. The lights and tinsel have departed. Parties and excitement of gifts are faint memories. If our joy dependent on merely the optics of the season past, sorrow would ensue. Our delight is in the true gift of Jesus, God’s constant treasure for us at all times. As the days of 2018 unfold, we will experience God’s blessings as well as the trials and adversities that accompany our fallen world. Whatever the circumstance or how far we are from the Christmas manger, we carry the delight of the Christ, who took human form, becoming like us that we might be like Him. “See what manner of love the Father has given us that we should be called children of God.” 1 John 3:1

Great Job! – Thank you so much for your support of our Advent Service. We are honored for the opportunity to share the message of salvation spoken and sung in the voices of children.

Thank You – Your 45 fleece blankets were delivered to Phil’s Friends. The people there were excited and grateful for your efforts and generosity. The blankets were truly beautiful and are sure to bring warmth and comfort to those needing care.

School Choice – The State of Illinois recently passed legislation to help defray the cost of private and parochial education. Implementation began January 2 for Empower Illinois: Illinois Invest in Kids Tax Credit Scholarship Program ( Illinois taxpayers are invited to donate to the Scholarship Giving Organization (SGO) for a 75% tax benefit. The donations are occurring now, and the State has capped the donation level for parochial schools in Illinois at $75 million. Later in January, parents may apply for scholarship funds. , Those interested will need to supply information such as children’s birth certificates and tax documents relating to household income. The SGO will certify applicants, determine scholarship eligibility, and award the scholarship amount. For more information, go to the above Website. We will let you know more as the news comes to us!

MAP Testing – Our winter testing window for MAP testing begins Monday, January 15, extending through Wednesday, January 31. For your convenience the testing schedule is attached. For optimum testing results, we encourage children have plenty of rest and eat a nutritious breakfast. Students wearing eyeglasses should make sure to have them for the test.

National Lutheran Schools Week – During the week of January 21 Gloria Dei Lutheran School joins all other Lutheran schools in our country to celebrate God’s gifts to us through Lutheran education. At our school, this means special hoopla and activities each day, Sunday through Friday. The objective is to honor God for His gifts to us while also bringing some joy and excitement to our students.  These are the activities of each day:

Sunday, January 21 – Students sing for Worship – 9:30 a.m.
Monday, January 22 – Pajama Day – Students may wear pajamas, robe, and slippers to school.  Nothing revealing or flimsy is acceptable. Slippers may be worn inside the classroom, but shoes are required in all other areas of the building. Because of the attire of the day, we encourage students to bring a “blankie” or stuffed animal to use when we meet as a school for a half-hour reading period. Time spent in school that day in Sustained Silent Reading will be used for that day’s reading minutes.
Tuesday, January 23 –  Dress Like a Friend Day
Wednesday, January 24 – Grandparents Day – Grandparents are invited to visit their little sweeties that day! They may join us for Chapel, beginning at 9:00, and then remain with their grandchild (ren) through lunch. We thank PTL for providing lunch for everyone. Students are dismissed after lunch. Students are to wear regular Chapel attire. (1:00 pm Dismissal – NO AFTER CARE)
Thursday, January 25 – Slipper Day –
Slip into a Book – Much like Monday, students may wear slippers at school, with the same rules as Monday. Another SSR period will be provided in the classroom, which will also serve as that day’s reading minutes.

Curriculum Fair – Young Authors – All writing products are to be completed and turned in. Time on Thursday will be spent to display the books and prepare for judging.

Student Appreciation Supper – All students are invited to join us for supper. They may remain after school with their teacher for homework, games, and relaxation. A pasta supper, with all the trimmings and a lot of joy, will be served at 5:00.

Young Authors Open House – All parents are invited to join us from 6:00 to 7:00 to view our children’s work product. Judging will be completed by that time, so come and see the results as well as our school’s family atmosphere.

Friday, January 26 – Student Appreciation Day – Favorite Sports Team Day – Students are invited to wear a T-shirt or sports jersey representing their favorite sports team. Students may wear jeans or sweatpants. We thank PTL for providing a special, fun activity for the students.

In all days of special dress, those students wishing not to participate must wear uniform clothing.

Wendy’s Night Thank you for your past support of our Wendy’s fundraiser. Mark your calendar for Wednesday, January 18 for our next Gloria Dei Night. Don’t forget. There’s a free Frosty for those coming inside the restaurant to eat.

Sub Sandwiches – To help defray the cost of their spring trip, seventh and eighth grade are sponsoring a sub sandwich sale for Super Bowl Sunday. The order form is enclosed.

Scoop 15

Volume 13, Issue 15                                    Virginia I. Terrell, Principal                        December 14, 2017

From God’s Word – God has every reason to turn His back on us. We sin constantly, and in every way possible. Yet, here we are, the recipients of God’s mercy and grace. Instead of allowing us to remain His enemy, His kindness toward us brought Jesus, through whom we are reconciled to God. The war waged by Satan was overcome by the Father’s willingness and mercy to send the way of salvation through Christ. That lowly birth in Bethlehem shows God’s friendliness on our behalf. He allowed Jesus to become like us so we could be like Him. When Christ appeared, He brought the Gospel: forgiveness of sin, life, and salvation. “But when the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior appeared, He saved us.” Titus 3:4

Thank You So Much –The blankets are beautiful and wonderful. A total of 45 were received. What tremendous joy you have brought both to our Gloria Dei family and to those who are suffering. Thank you for warming both body and heart with what you have given. “I was sick and you visited Me.” Matthew 25

Can You Help? – We are still in need of drivers to take us to the British Home December 22. If you are able to help out, please contact Mrs. Blecha in the school office.

Children’s Service – This coming Wednesday, December 20, is our Advent Service, led by the children. Their tender voices and gentle words are powerful when singing the hymns of old and speaking Gospel joy. For the morning service, students will wear normal Chapel clothing. For the evening service, boys are to wear a dress shirt, tie, and dress pants. Girls may wear a dress or skirt and top. NO JEANS OR T-SHIRTS ALLOWED. For the evening service, children should be in their classrooms by 6:30. At the close of the service, you may meet your child in his/her classroom.

December 21 – Yes, a little seasonal fun is on the way! We’ve planned a couple of things for Thursday, December 21, we hope will be meaningful and fun for everyone. First of all, it is Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Students are invited to wear a Christmas sweater that isn’t so very beautiful! We will have a competition for the ugliest sweater, and prizes will be given. (All themes and motifs must be compliant with our Christian learning environment.) Also, we will set aside our regular curriculum to provide opportunity for students to participate in playing board games. Students are encouraged to bring a game from home that can be played with others. Each game is to be labeled with the student’s name, and all game pieces should be placed together in a plastic bag or some sort of container. While this will be a relaxing and fun time, learning will take place in areas of social/emotional growth such as sharing, taking turns, playing by the rules, being a gracious winner, and learning how to lose.

December 22 – Because of our visit to the British Home, students are to wear uniforms to school. Upon returning from Christmas caroling, teachers will host a classroom party, followed by lunch provided by PTL. Dismissal is 1:00, and NO AFTER CARE will be provided.

Let Us Adore Him!
Christmas Worship Services
Christmas Eve – 9:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
Christmas Day – 9:30 a.m.

Looking Ahead

December 20 – Advent Service
December 21 – Ugly Christmas Sweater Day; Bring a Board Game
December 22 – Christmas Caroling at British Home (Wear Uniforms); Christmas Parties in Classroom; Christmas Lunch (Provided by PTL); 1:00 Dismissal; Christmas Vacation Begins
January 8 – Classes Resume