Scoop 23

Our Promise: Fostering a firm foundation in faith, future, and family
March Health Theme – It’s All About the Smile

Volume 13, Issue 23                                                                      Virginia I. Terrell, Principal                        March 1, 2018

From God’s Word – Introspection is the process of self-reflection, looking within to examine personal thoughts and feelings. Self-examination is a good idea for growth and learning. Careful, sinners! Don’t take things too for, looking only to yourself. Look beyond to Jesus. He is your Alien Righteousness. Only He who is outside brings true comfort and reconciliation. Many are the examples of people in the Gospels who looked within themselves, and discovered a problem. They continued their search to that Jesus they’d heard so much about. The afflicted and sorrowful, those crushed by their burden, sought healing from Jesus. They knew He could do what they could not do for themselves: alleviate sorrow and mend brokenness.  This same Savior is with us to heal sin, our worst affliction. Our transgressions are myriad, our wickedness abounding. Looking within is fearsome, without solutions­­­. Gaze outside yourself for restoration and health. Fixate on Jesus.  His atoning love brings forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation. “My eyes are ever toward the LORD, for He will pluck my feet out of the net.” Psalm 25:15­­­

Something You Should Know – This evening, our teachers will present highlights of our Young Authors Curriculum Fair to other CLEF Schools at the regular teachers’ session of Pathways to Excellence. Gloria Dei was selected for this special recognition because of the goals, uniqueness, and quality result of our Young Authors event. We rejoice in the hard work of our wonderful students, parents, and teachers. Keep up the good work, everyone. Excellence is beautiful!

Mid-Terms – Enclosed in today’s folder is a progress report reflecting student work thus far in the third quarter. Please examine the report and discuss it with your child. Using the space provided on the back, please sign and return to the teacher. Should you have any questions or concerns, we are here!

Focus on Kids Night – Mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 14, at 6:30 p.m. You won’t want to miss our focus on what our students. We will highlight:

  • Yoga, with a demonstration by students, led by Ari and Noah’s mom.
  • Writing, with a presentation by the teachers regarding Young Authors’ night.
  • Our eighth graduates, Christopher, D’Angelo, Jeremiah, Serenity, Marlene, Richard, and CeCe will be honored with a special presentation.

Refreshments will follow. See you there!

Whew! – The totals are in, and you donated over $300 [mostly in coins!] to Pennies for Patients. Fifth and sixth grade collected the most, with a total of $87.40.

National Day of Prayer – As is our custom, we celebrate National Day of Prayer, this year on Thursday, May 3. On that day, we ask everyone to wear a special prayer t-shirt, which we order each year. The cost is $8.00, and you must order by March 15. The order form is enclosed, Make checks payable to Gloria Dei Lutheran School. Questions? Call the school office, 773-581-5259.

Spring Pictures – Tuesday, March 6, a photographer will be on-hand to take pictures of students who pre-purchased a package. (See enclosure.) As in the past, the photographer will take pictures of siblings together.

World’s Finest Candy Sale – We would like to thank everyone who participated in our recent PTL Fundraiser.  Congratulations to our top 3 sellers. First Place Chloe R. Second Place Makayla and Third Place D’Angelo.


Looking Ahead –

March 6- Spring Pictures

March 13- PTL Pizza Lunch

March 14-Focus on Kids Night 6:30 pm
March  16 – Just Jeans $1
March 22 – PTL Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich

March 23-Fitness Friday

March 25- School Chorus singing at the 9:30 am Palm Sunday Service, Breakfast with the Easter                 Bunny

March 29-End of Quarter, Maundy Thursday Chapel 9 am and NOON DISMISSAL

March 30-April 6- Easter Break

April 9-Classes Resume





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