Scoop 28

Volume 13, Issue 28                                                 Virginia I. Terrell, Principal                                                        April 19, 2018

From God’s Word – When Jesus entered the area on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee, He was met by a man possessed with demons. He wore no clothes and lived among the tombs. Even the chains that bound him and the guards keeping watch on him could not control him. He would break the bonds and roam about. Upon seeing Jesus, he threw himself onto the ground and asked Jesus not to torment him. Jesus asked, “What is your name?” The man replied, “Legion,” because many demons had entered him. Jesus exorcised the demons, and healed the man of the devil’s torment. Later on, he was seen at the feet of Jesus, in his right mind, fully clothed. How much are we sinners like this man? Sin overtakes us and bids us live in the cemetery of unrighteousness and death. But, here comes Jesus, with His life, death, and resurrection, bringing a stunning blow to Satan, releasing the curse of evil and damnation. When Christ died and was buried, our sins went with Him into the tomb. When He arose, He left our sins buried there. No longer are we Satan’s nude prey, jetting around tombs, tortured by sin’s consequences. No. In our Baptism, we are clothed in Christ’s robes of rightness, that we may also sit at His feet, fully clothed, living in the joy of a new life in Christ, free from the guilt of sin. Satan is vanquished. The sins that so easily beset us no longer have dominion. We even have a new dress! Run to Jesus, fully clothed in Him. “We were buried therefore with Him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.” Romans 6:4

Awards – We are pleased to recognize these Third Quarter Achievements:

  • A/B Honor Roll – Mackenzie, Leila, Layla, Sandro, Zachary, CeCe, Richard, and Christopher
  • A Honor Roll – Caitlin, Noah, Lorelei, and Marlene
  • Perfect Attendance – Xander, Jake, Caitlin, Lorelei, and Aaron
  • e-Spark High 5 Achievement – Viona, Savannah, Janyah, Arabella, Caitlin, Pavlinka, Logan, Lorelei, Daniel, and Marlene

Conraulatios everyone! Keep up the good work.

Selective Enrollment – Our eighth graders have been busy applying for acceptance into various high schools. We are pleased to announce three were accepted into Selective Enrollment High Schools. CeCe and Christopher were accepted to Jones College Preparatory High School, and Marlene was accepted to Hancock College Preparatory High School. As other news is available, and when we know where all our graduates will be next year, we’ll let you know. We pray God’s blessings for our young friends, as they take their leave of us. We shall miss them.

Yay! Gloria Dei! –  Last Friday, our school was visited by the Illinois State Board of Education to evaluate us in areas of Administrative Requirements, Educational Program, Personnel, and Health and Safety. The purpose of the visit was determine the continuation of our “Recognized” ISBE status. After a thorough examination, the visiting team determined we have no deficits, which is very good news. In addition, we received these commendations:

  • Thorough preparation for the visit
  • Quality, positive learning environment
  • Though not required, bullying policy in placement
  • Though not required, instruction in constitution, daily pledge, and patriotism in place
  • Awesome secretary
  • Regular formative evaluation process
  • Well-organized, consistent curriculum maps in place

Mark Your Calndar – Occasionally, we change the day of the week for Chapel. Please note these alterations in the usual plan:

  • Chapel for May 2 had been shifted to Thursday, May 3, to commemorate National Day of Prayer.Students are asked to wear their prayer shirts which were ordered a few weeks ago
  • Ascension Day is Thursday, May 10, which is also the Chapel day that week. There will be NO CHAPELthe previous day, May 9.

National Day of Prayer – National Day of Prayer t-shirts are being sent home today.  Please do not have your child wear it until Thursday, May 3.

“Godspell” – Grades 3 through 8 will be going to Walter Christian Academy on Friday, April 27 to see a production of their Spring Musical.  Please return your permission slip with payment tomorrow.  We are still looking for drivers.

Registration – We thank the families who turned in their registration for next school year. If possible, please complete the materials and return them to school as soon as possible.

Garage Sale- Saturday, May 12, beginning at 9 a.m. and ending at 1:00 p.m., has been set aside for our Garage Sale. (Rain Date: May 19) Save your gently used items to donate. Or, if you would like to sell your own items, you may rent a table for $10. You may start bringing in items you would like to donate for the Garage Sale

Walk-A-Thon – Pledge sheets are due back to the school office by Wednesday, May 2.

Classroom Corner – Third and fourth grade students truly enjoyed our study of “The Human Story,” in which we traced the development of the fetus, learning many fascinating details about life, and even holding life-like models of the fetus in various stages of growth. We thank Lutherans for Life for supplying these fetus models to our school. – Mrs. Kamman

Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder where you are.  Up above the room so bright, how can I see you when it is not night.  Ask your child how they saw stars during the daytime at Gloria Dei.  Classroom learning is fun for junior kindergarten and kindergarten. – Mrs. Struve

Looking Ahead

April 26-Wendy’s Benefit Night 3:30

April 27 – Fitness Friday – Students may wear jeans or exercise clothing

May 3 – National Day of Prayer – Parents at Lunch 11:45 am

May 4 – PTL Walk-A-Thon

May 7-18 Map Testing

May 8-PTL Pizza Lunch $4

May 11-Icee Friday $1

May 16-PTL Meeting/Theater Night

May 16-Icee Friday $1/Spring Fling 6-8 pm


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