Benefits of a Lutheran School

Thank you for your interest in Gloria Dei Lutheran School, a faith-based school, where we enjoy the blessing of teaching the hearts and minds of children. We find it a joy to meet with students each day in the light of God’s mercy. We believe each child is God’s special creation, whom He loves through all eternity by the merits of Christ.

Faith and learning are integrated in all academic areas by our experienced, qualified, and caring teachers. Small class size increases teacher/student interactions, making personalized learning a reality. Each student is known, nurtured, and cared for by the entire staff. We serve our students through quality and excellence in Christian education. Gloria Dei is a springboard for a future of academic success and a meaningful life as God’s special child.

Gloria Dei Lutheran School holds State Recognition status from the Illinois State Board of Education. We receive support from Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation, which offers resources, professional development, and a strong hand of encouragement.

Please consider joining our Gloria Dei family. Contact us today for more information and an appointment for a tour of our school.

Serving the Master Teacher
Virginia I. Terrell, Principal

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” Proverbs 111:10


Benefits of a Lutheran School 

Lutheran schools are known for academic quality and character development. Lutheran schools are Christ-centered through daily teaching of God’s Word, and integrating Biblical truths in the curriculum and school activities.

Gloria Dei Lutheran School…

  • …is a “Word of God” workshop in which the Holy Spirit is the most active worker because of the prominence of the Holy Scripture.
  • …has teachers who assure children of peace with God through forgiveness in Jesus Christ.
  • …is recognized and operated as an integral part of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.
  • …functions with vision, mission, and values congruent with Scripture and Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.
  • …receives support and leadership from a pastor who views the school as a vital part of the congregation’s ministry, and is knowledgeable in the operation of the school.
  • …has formal religion classes with systemic teaching of the Bible and the chief parts of Christian doctrine.
  • …has a curriculum taught from the perspective of Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions.
  • …views the Christian life as worship, witness, fellowship, service, and learning with concern for others.

…provides direct benefits—both present and future—to its students and families by developing hearts and minds through the lens of Scripture.


Gloria Dei Lutheran School is an integral part of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. The congregation founded the school in 1960, for proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to children and families of the community. Christian education at Gloria Dei includes all academic subjects found in a regular course of accredited instruction, but with a continuing emphasis on the saving Gospel and Its power. Gloria Dei views Christian education as a process which includes the home, the school, and the church.

Teachers are responsible for all aspects of the delivery of the curriculum. Students learn in double-grade classrooms: 4-year-old/kindergarten, first/second grades, third/fourth grades, fifth/sixth grades, and seventh/eighth grades. Students participate in the e-Spark program, using i-Pads provided through the generosity of Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation. Technology is utilized in meaningful ways through the course of the learning day.