7th & 8th Grades

Seventh & Eighth Grade

The book Stoplight on Literature is used to explore the different components of analysis, comprehension and understanding. Students are exposed to multi-levels of literature and genres. Integrated throughout is a review of Language Arts, Writing Skills and expanding vocabulary.

As a separate class used to reinforce grammar, usage and mechanics then applied to writing. The writing process of pre-writing, writing, revising and editing is integrated throughout this Language class then introduced in the newer method of the Six Traits of Writing

Language Arts for seventh and eighth grades include a different spelling unit each week.

Physical Education
A certified Aerobics instructor instructs students in physical health through stretching and Aerobic exercises. A twenty minute recess is provided for students to participate in recreational sports outdoors daily weather permitting.

The seventh and eighth grades are engaged in a two year study of Earth and Physical Science. The study of science helps students to understand and appreciate God’s creation. Students study the solar system, rocks and minerals, the planet earth and its features. The atmosphere and biosphere, are areas of concentration. In the study of physical science the students learn about scientific measuring, atoms and elements, molecules and compounds, chemical and nuclear reactions. In the area of science the students are involved in hand on labs as well as textbook lessons.


Seventh Grade

An advanced Bible history course is begun with a study of the Old Testament. Emphasis placed on the first five periods. Period One from creation to 2200 B.C. (Primeval History), Period Two 2200-1500 B.C. (The Patriarchs), Period Three 1500-1375 B.C. (Moses and Joshua), Period Four 1375-1050 B.C. (The Judges) Period Five 1050-930 B.C. (the first three Kings)

All seventh grade students are enrolled in Pre-Algebra. Students learn that algebra is for everyone. The study of variables, expressions, and integers give the students the tools to start a more intensive study of equations and solving equations using different operations and the distributive property. Graphing linear equalities and inequalities, working with polynomials, real versus irrational numbers, ratios, proportion, and probability help prepare the students for later math classes.

The seventh grade studies US History from the early exploration of the North American Continent to the Civil War. Through the study of our nation early years the students see how God is controlling and directing our nation. The study of US History ends with a field trip to Springfield, IL for a two day, overnight tour of our state’s capitol. The following school year has a five day, four night trip to Washington D.C. to see our nation’s capital and other areas of interest such as Gettysburg, PA for a battlefield tour and a one day tour of Colonial Williamsburg, VA.


Eighth Grade

In eighth grade the students continue the study of God’s word studying New Testament Bible history. The three periods that are emphasized are The Childhood of Jesus, the Public Ministry and the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

All eighth grade students are enrolled in Pre-Algebra. The preparation for high school Algebra continues with emphasis on formulas needed to solve linear equations. Radical expressions solved. High order equations solved or graphed using ordered pairs. Operations or numbers involving scientific notations, factors of polynomial expressions, and simplification of rational expressions aide in the development of high school thinking skills that make our students successful in high school Algebra class.

The eighth grade studies World History from the medieval and early modern times. Areas of emphasis are the rise and fall of the Roman empire, the growth of Islam and the rise of Muslim states, West Central-Southern Africa, Asian civilization, Medieval Europe. The year ends with a study of the civilizations of the Americas. Field trips for 8th grade are the same as 7th grade Springfield, IL one year and Washington D.C. the next. (The seventh and eighth grade travel together on field trips.)