School Supplies

School Supply List

Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Community Items

Please do NOT put child’s name on these:

  • 1 box facial tissue
  • 1 package napkins
  • 1 box of 12 Crayola Washable Assorted Colors Markers – Broad Line


Personal Items

Please label these with child’s first name and last name initial:

  • Headphones (please, no ear buds) – to be kept at school
  • 1 large backpack
  • 2 folders (2 pockets at bottom – NO binder/clips)
  • Painting shirt/smock

Please send all supplies by the first day of school.

You may be asked to supply additional items during the school years.

Supply Items 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8
Pencils (#2) X X X X
Erasers X X X X
Colored Pencils X X X
Ball Point Pens (blue or black) (3rd grade – erasable) X X
Color Markers (washable) X X
Highlighters (multiple colors) X X X
Fiskars Scissors X
Sharp Scissors X X
4 Pack Dry Erase Markers X X X
White Glue X X X
Glue Sticks (2) X X
Watercolor Set X X
White Out Strips X X
Calculator (scientific)Texas Instruments X
Protractor X X
Compass X X
Ruler (both inches and cm) X X X
Pencil Case X
Headphones or Ear Buds (child’s preference, these will be kept at school) X X X X
Notebook Paper (wide-ruled) 4 Packs X X
Folders X(2)
Composition Notebook X(2) X(4) X(4)
Mechanical Pencil X X
Notebook Paper (college ruled) 4 Packs X
Paint Shirt X
Kleenex (2) X X X X
Paper Towels (2) X X X X
Ziplok Bags (variety of sizes) X X X
Lysol Wipes X X X X
Hand Wipes X X X X
Bible (New International Version, may be purchased through school office for $10) X X X
Luther’s Small Catechism (may be purchased through school office for $10) X X X

Bring supplies on the first day of school – be sure to label all items. Parents will be notified if more supplies are needed throughout the year.

Please do not bring “White Out” liquid, individual pencil sharpeners, markers, “toy-like” pens, pencils, or erasers.

All back packs must fit in lockers

Supply List