Gloria Dei Advantage

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Gloria Dei Lutheran School
  1. Small Class Size – Teachers know every student well, and are eager to maximize individual growth in all areas of development. Reasonably sized classrooms allow for personal attention as well knowing each child’s strengths and areas for growth. We do our utmost to instill a love for learning in all our students.
  2. Instruction – Our teachers are dedicated and caring Christian professionals who strive to maintain educational standards while searching out best practices and effective strategies to reach each child. Teachers make every effort to instill attitudes of kindness, concern for others, respect, and responsibility.
  3. Safety and Order – Gloria Dei Lutheran School is committed to each student’s learning success within a Christian, caring, responsive, and safe learning environment. We believe children best learn in a joyful and secure school, and take seriously our responsibility to keep each child safe. The building is locked during the school day, and all building visitors report to the school office after being buzzed in. We are compliant with all emergency drills required by the Illinois State Board of Education, the State of Illinois, and the City of Chicago. We have a written Crisis Management Plan, and conduct safety drills on a regular basis.
  4. Academic Results – Gloria Dei Lutheran School accepts children from prekindergarten (age 4 by September 1) through eighth grade. With high expectations for achievement in all academic areas, our graduates experience high success in the next levels of education and beyond. We seek to develop organizational skills and attitudes of respect and responsibility, elements vital to achievement. The goal of our endeavors is quality and excellence in Christian education.
  5. Christ Centered Education – Each child is a gift from God, a special blessing from His own hand. From the beginning, we teach children of their Creator who loves and cares for them, and of their forgiving Savior who died and rose again for their justification. Christ is present in our planning, meetings, conversations, prayers, hearts, and classrooms. We are guided in our instruction, actions, and interactions by Scripture and our belief It is the inspired, inerrant, efficacious Word of God. Each day includes instruction in Scripture and Luther’s Small Catechism, hymns, prayers, and teaching the faith. Our beliefs and practices are woven into all curricular subjects, and our service to children and families. The goal of Gloria Dei Lutheran School is to provide the best possible education within a positive and nurturing Christian learning environment.